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Potential Energy in a capacitor = Q*V = Volt*Charge = Volt*Q = our company

We supply battery management systems

The brain of the battery packs – they are responsible for getting the maximum out of the performance of the batteries.

Good BMS systems are rare. With our partnerships with companies, we are able to system integrate the best quality hardware with the best quality software.

Our Services

Lithium Ion batteries

We provide high quality battery packs to the Indian 2W and 3W market

Charging stations

Are installed in Indian RWAs by us.

Computer Vision

Solar panels satellite images computer vision is done by us.


We provide very advanced BMSes

The VoltQ advantage

Environmentally friendly

We are leading engineering towards the energy transition

Affordable Innovation

We make products for the masses

certified & experienced

Our work speaks

customer satisfaction

High quality engineering


Software services

Energy related services

Our team has been associated with

Mr Wahi has spent 39 years with ITC Ltd in the finance function and brings to VoltQ Energy, the highest standards of financial integrity
Raghu Wahi

has developed the core of Inkjet Printing in HP Labs
Material science education for energy storage. Founding team of the Paper Battery Company in New York.
raghav wahi

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