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Comprehensive energy engineering services for all of your needs

Charging Infrastructure

We are deploying chargers all across India in order to expand the coverage of chargers

Battery Recycling

VoltQ is

1. Sorting through old cells to ensure safe operating environments.

2. Repurposing old cells into fresh battery packs

3. Cutting through old cells once they have reached end of life in order to recycle them from materials upwards.

Cell manufacturing

VoltQ will be manufacturing Lithium Ion Battery cells from materials upwards in due course of time.

Battery Management Systems

Good battery management systems are hard to find.  Using imported technology VoltQ is providing a BMS which ensures that the core electrochemical reactions that are occuring inside the cell are taken into accordance by the BMS.

Battery Leasing

Batteries are available for rent with us.

Battery Fire Safety Products

These products prevent fire from occurring in the lithium ion battery. If a fire is burning, then the product can be used to put out the fires.


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