Cuberg’s development of lithium metal cell technology has had this result: testing of 5 Ah pouch cells by an independent third party confirmed that cycle life has been extended from 370 to 672 cycles with 80% capacity remaining.

Lithium metal is an ideal anode material for Li batteries due to the following properties.

  • Low density: 0.534 g cm-3

  • Low reduction potential: -3.04 V vs SHE

  • High theoretical specific capacity: 3861 mAh g-1 and 2061 mAh cm-3

The low density of Li helps to reduce overall cell mass and volume, which helps to improve both gravimetric and volumetric capacities and energy densities of Li battery.

Additionally, the low reduction potential of Li enables the cell to operate at relatively high cell voltage that also increases the energy density of the Li battery.