From Reuters:

Reuters reports that smaller batteries are being made since customers want 5 minute charging times and not necessarily very large ranges of commutes. Most drivers in North America drive 30 miles daily and in the EU, less than 15 miles daily.


“In the race to go electric, carmakers have focused on range to ease consumer anxiety over charging infrastructure, but battery makers are already working on the smaller, longer-lasting and cheaper batteries of the future, which also charge more quickly.

“Early adopters at the higher end of the market wanted bigger battery packs and longer range because they could afford it,” said Sai Shivareddy, chief executive of Nyobolt, a startup developing niobium oxide anode materials for batteries that can charge in minutes. “For more cost-sensitive mainstream adoption, you need smaller battery packs … but with the same experience as today (with fossil-fuel cars) where you can fill up in 5 minutes.”


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