Extend batteries lives by 30% using a simple circuit.

Larry Udell has come up with technology for chargers that can extend a battery’s life by 30%. His major accomplishments lie in the fact that he licenses and patents inventions in Silicon Valley and has consulted with big names like Samsung, HP and others. This invention is most useful where battery life is hyper-critical, like […]

Battery powered Locomotives to be made in Chicagoland

Metra to make battery-powered locomotives Metra has gotten an order of 3 locomotives with an option for 3 more at this time. The locos have a range of 150 miles or 240 km per charge Zero emissions locomotives are a small step to decarbonize all mobility applications. Reference: https://metra.com/newsroom/metra-create-battery-powered-locomotives

VoltStorage raised 24 mn USD from Cummins engines

VoltStorage raised 24 mn USD from Cummins engines.                 Renewable energy has not taken over since it’s very tough to store anywhere. There are numerous ways to store renewable energy. The scales of Lithium Ion battery production makes them easier to obtain than other batteries but they are still challenges including supply […]

Influit develops liquid lithium ion flow batteries

newatlas.com Influit moves to commercialize its ultra-high density liquid batteries By Loz Blain 8-10 minutes Illinois Tech spinoff Influit Energy says it’s coming out of stealth mode to commercialize a rechargeable electrofuel – a non-flammable, fast-refuelling liquid flow battery that already carries 23% more energy than lithium batteries, at half the cost. Very much targeted at […]

Batteries from Trees: Northvolt and Stora Enso

Stora Enso and Northvolt are joining hands to make lignin based anodes of Carbon. Scandinavian trees will be used as raw material to make hard carbon anodes for batteries. Raw materials that are sourced sustainably and locally from Nordic countries are going to be used. Stora Enso will provide the technology to convert wood into […]

Net metering, drones are best for last mile delivery, BMW Neue Klasse combines batteries and hydrogen

Net billing for rooftop solar, which incentivizes the use of battery storage to maximize solar self-consumption, is inefficient, researchers found, whereas incentivizing battery owners to discharge power during peak hours would provide greater value. William Driscoll https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2022/08/03/battery-storage-operation-under-net-billing-provides-virtually-no-grid-value-berkeley-lab-study/ BMW is hedging its EV bet by investing in Hydrogen power trains as well. Ten years ago BMW […]

Nikola acquires Romeo Power, Paper Battery invented, Nio makes a long range battery pack

Nikola Truck manufacturer acquires Romeo Power Battery pack maker. https://nikolamotor.com/press_releases/nikola-agrees-to-acquire-romeo-power-to-bring-battery-pack-engineering-and-production-in-house-189 “Nikola Agrees to Acquire Romeo Power, To Bring Battery Pack Engineering and Production In-House Published August 01, 2022 Acquisition will secure control of critical battery pack engineering and production process Transaction expected to yield annual cost savings of up to $350 million by 2026 Romeo’s […]