Net metering, drones are best for last mile delivery, BMW Neue Klasse combines batteries and hydrogen

Net billing for rooftop solar, which incentivizes the use of battery storage to maximize solar self-consumption, is inefficient, researchers found, whereas incentivizing battery owners to discharge power during peak hours would provide greater value. William Driscoll BMW is hedging its EV bet by investing in Hydrogen power trains as well. Ten years ago BMW […]

Nikola acquires Romeo Power, Paper Battery invented, Nio makes a long range battery pack

Nikola Truck manufacturer acquires Romeo Power Battery pack maker. “Nikola Agrees to Acquire Romeo Power, To Bring Battery Pack Engineering and Production In-House Published August 01, 2022 Acquisition will secure control of critical battery pack engineering and production process Transaction expected to yield annual cost savings of up to $350 million by 2026 Romeo’s […]

China dominates the EV supply chain: IEA

IEA : china dominates the EV supply chain references:

Nuclear Energy is clean – and the EU has classified it as such

Nuclear energy is clean By Emil Jacobs The argument is well known: nuclear power causes pollution with nuclear waste for many millennia. Our children’s children may not even know how dangerous it all is, they say. Let’s tackle this argument once and for all: nuclear waste is not an actual problem. On the frontend Before […]

The Copper crunch and why Copper Recycling cannot fix it

From In 2021, global electric vehicle sales hit 6.6 million – more than double the 3 million in sales in 2020 — meaning EVs made up 9% of the global car market last year. That’s the good news, from a decarbonization standpoint. Here’s the bad news. Just as it begins to gain momentum, the […]

Tesla’s BESS in Australia is functioning fully as a giant inverter!

“The Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia, aka the “Tesla big battery”, has finally gained approval to become the first big battery in the world to deliver grid-scale inertia services. The approval came from the Australian Energy Market Operator after nearly two years of trials and testing, and is considered to be another critical step […]

Cuberg, a Northvolt subsidiary, doubles their cell’s energy density !

Cuberg’s development of lithium metal cell technology has had this result: testing of 5 Ah pouch cells by an independent third party confirmed that cycle life has been extended from 370 to 672 cycles with 80% capacity remaining. Lithium metal is an ideal anode material for Li batteries due to the following properties. Low density: […]

Rapid battery cost declines accelerate the prospects of all-electric interregional container shipping: Nature magazine

Rapid battery cost declines accelerate the prospects of all-electric interregional container shipping: International maritime shipping—powered by heavy fuel oil—is a major contributor to global CO2, SO2, and NOx emissions. The direct electrification of maritime vessels has been underexplored as a low-emission option despite its considerable efficiency advantage over electrofuels. Past studies on ship electrification have […]